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Moving to GA [18 Dec 2006|03:04pm]
I was told that I should post this in the Savannah art college groups because, well... I don't know, just because, I guess.

Here's my deal:

I'm currently living in Michigan and I want to move down to Savannah GA just because. I feel as if I'm done with Michigan and after a year or so of planning I've picked Savannah. Here's my problem, I have no place to go until I get an apartment of my own, and I know that no one will so much as look at my application, or some me over a lease for that matter, without a job. So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to lend me a place to stay for a week or two until I find a job and can get a place of my own. I need nothing more than a couch to sleep on. I'll pay my way for everything, and offer some form of rent for the time that I do stay. If someone is looking for a permanent roomate then that's even better. I know how odd this request is seeing as no one knows me, but I really need someone to help me out.

Here's the details:

I'm a 20 year old male, I only have a couple years of college to go before I get my Bachelor's degree, I'm majoring in finance, I will take up very little space, and I'm very quiet. I'm a big nerd and I like nerdy things. As mentioned before, I do not plan on being a mooch, and I will bring money with me (I've saved up for 2 months).

If there is anyone interested (oh please, let someone be interested), just leave me a comment here, or even better, e-mail me at

It's best not to ask about the e-mail address, I made it in sixth grade. And thank you to everyone who is even considering this. Now, I'm off to post this in one more group.
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we handle snakes [07 Nov 2006|12:36am]

Come see Holy Ghosts!

We open this Thursday and run through a Sunday matinee in the Mondinaro at Crites.

It's a great show so come see us and enjoy it.

Free for SCAD students, so you've got no excuse not to : )
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need third room mate [02 Aug 2006|07:22pm]

so here's the deal

the house is on 60th street

its paula deen's old house if that means anything to you
i was pretty excited, when i found out

ive lived there since winter quarter of last year and its really, really nice

my room mate's parents own it, so they rent it to us during the year and to vacationers over summer

rents $425 plus utilities (which is usually about $100) a month

it's on 60th street, so if you don't have a car it wont really work out because we're far away from everything but wallin (23 blocks away)

it's super nice and my room mate and i are pretty much nuts, but in the good way

we need someone who will clean and not be a bitch

preferably we need someone by september because that's when we're moving in and our third room mate ran off with the gypsies or something, so that's why we need a replacement

my aim is notN0Wcato
if you're interested comment here, message me or email me at

there's probably going to be an interview process or something so we can make sure we all get along and that no one who;s going to kill us in our sleep or something wants to move in

anyway, let me know as soon as possible

there's a website with some pictures which i will post as soon as i figure out what it is

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[30 Jul 2006|02:07pm]

anyone in savannah need a place to live?
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[27 May 2006|10:55pm]

hey roommate is selling her bike!

she bought it in september and its barely been used. some weathering from sitting outside but nothing that a little wd-40 can't take care of.

she bought it for $80....selling for $30

bike pictureCollapse )

leave a comment or send me an e-mail if you're interested! thanks!
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[26 May 2006|09:40am]

Experimentation, Manipulation, Innovation

Saturday May 27th, 8pm
Mondonaro Theatre in Crites Hall
217 MLK Blvd.

It's about Video Artworks that stray from traditional narrative themes.

A stop motion animation I did made it into the show, I hope you all find time to check it out.
Most of the peices are under 5 minutes. It should be a really cool show.
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[09 May 2006|02:18am]


I shot some headshots for an ongoing project I'm doing, photo-documenting the creative process by a team that is designing and creating a large art spectacle for the SCAD graduation. All the shots are done with window light, on location. You can see the whole team above, or a few pictures I selected to upload larger below. These shots are mainly for their website, so I let them be pretty free with their expression. Most of the project is photo-J style, with very little creative control on my part, so I welcomed the chance to exercise a bit more control with these.

Five ImagesCollapse )
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Math teachers?? [02 May 2006|05:25pm]

What does anyone know about prof. Samuel Gross, Weisheng Yang or Karim Ladha?? (All teach basic math)

I was planning on taking Susan Billimek but it seems she wont be here at SCAD in the fall :(

Any advice greatly appreciated!!

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[23 Apr 2006|03:12am]


Images from the Haute Air Fashion show are up now.

You can view the entire event here.
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[15 Apr 2006|03:44pm]


Here's what I'm doing when I'm not doing my own art or paid work. One of these comes out every week,
in color, on the back of District, which you can pick up for free at most SCAD buildings.

These photos are from the SCAD Talent Show on Friday. You can see more in my facebook gallery here.
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[11 Apr 2006|09:24am]


If you haven't seen the work up at the Red Gallery yet, you should really check it out.
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Parking ticket [07 Apr 2006|12:45am]

Here is a copy of my letter sent to SCAD as an appeal for my towing fee.

Dear SCAD,

There was not a flyer placed on my car...ever. Also, the TINY 8.5" x 11" flyer discussing the new parking rule regarding the volleyball court quickly blended in with the other 8.5" x 11" flyers on the guardhouse. Of course, rather than being to the point, these guardhouse flyers tend to ramble on in a size 12 font that is near impossible to read from the car.

I would not have parked where I did if someone had sent an email, or even put a note on the dorm door. I'm not a rule breaker, nor do I feel I am above the rules. This was an honest mistake.

My only concern about parking in Weston when Boundary Village is full is that sometimes I am loaded down with things like my portfolio or groceries. Also, I feel that it is not safe to walk alone on W Boundary Street at night. While being able to request a bus is a blessing that most other colleges do not offer, sometimes SCAD busses can take up to 25 minutes to reach you. If I'm standing around at 1030 in the evening with groceries or my class work while waiting for a bus, I'm most likely wasting precious time that could be devoted to my studies and homework. (And as my roommate has brought up to me before, there is no phone available for a person to use to call a SCAD bus if he/she does not have a cell phone. The only available phone is in Dyson.)

Please SCAD, I'm sorry I parked in a newly forbidden spot. Once again, I would not have parked there had I known that it was no longer allowed or even tolerated.

Perhaps students and parking officials will get along one day when off-limit areas are painted yellow for clarity.

My towing fine was $75 dollars.

Thank you, and I apologize for the hassle,
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[04 Apr 2006|04:07pm]

You can now view my stop motion animation easily on Myspace video. It was shot entirely with my 20D digital camera, one photo at a time. Directed and photographed by myself, with art direction by Monica Ventura. Neither of us had ever done a stop motion animation of any sort, so it was sort of out of nowhere. Neil Craig helped with skeletons for the figures, Alice Lee helped on set, and Brandon Buck and Chase Griffen helped teach us a few tricks about video stuff (like how to export it. We were VERY new at this.) The original video was shot at a very high resolution, and would be at home on an HD TV. Much compression as affected it, and I apologize about the quality and strange quirks of the video you can view.

Hope you enjoy.
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Internship Opportunity [02 Apr 2006|05:06pm]

Yo! I don't goto Scad, I graduated from State a few years back w/ a degree in Photography. Just wanted to tell you guys about an Internship Opportunity in Graphic Design.

What? TRG, a PR firm in Midtown is taking on another graphic design intern.
We Specialize in Restaurant design, so a qualified candidate has worked in restaurants or bars in the past.
We are all industry people, you need to be too.
When? Two or Three days a week, M-F 9-5.
Unpaid, but internships can lead to full time jobs.

Sounds like you?
Email me Attn: Internship
Send me a resume, a small portfolio (5-10 things - a wide variety of work shows depth)

Well there ya have it. I'm telling all of the GD departments around town,
especially at ACA and State, so if you're interested, better jump on it.

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Rumors rumors! [27 Mar 2006|09:36pm]

So here's rumor one:

Oglethorpe will be an all freshman dorm next year.

Rumor two:

There will be 8 o'clock classes next year to make room for another set of classes at 8 in the evening.

So. Rumor two sucks. I came to SCAD because there WEREN'T 8 o'clock classes.

(Ps: Someone can post this to SCADcommunity, I don't have access :( )
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[26 Feb 2006|09:03pm]

alrighty - for any string players:

this spring, scad started a brand new class - its chamber strings (MUST 333 if you wanna look it up). unless youve had intermediate strings, its by audition only, but we're still looking for people to join. currently i think we've only got a few people in the class (think 5 or 6), and need more...if you play strings definately check it out because its going to be a KICK ASS CLASS.

thought id spread the word since its new.

xposted to scadcommunity, sorry
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METALS & INDUSTRIAL KIDS: [21 Feb 2006|04:03pm]

I need a fairly flat rusted anything.
Needs to be about 1.5 square inches. Doesnt have to be a square, just around that size.

Where can I find that?

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[21 Feb 2006|08:31am]
I'm interested in selling my Canon 20D at the beginning of spring quarter. It would be with kit lens, probably, and for around 1,100 dollars with all books, wires, charger, and packadging. Thats about 400 less than I got it for, it's in great shape and only been used for about 8 months. I'm interested in upgrading to a 5D (I want to do some really huge printing), so I'm looking into ways of doing it, but I want to see what the interest is for this camera. It's served me great, especially for district (half the photos you see in there were taken with it). Here's an example of the school work I've done with it.

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[09 Jan 2006|09:13pm]

I have a Best Week Ever ticket that I will not be using and if anyone wants it for $3, holla.
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GRADES [01 Dec 2005|10:32pm]

Grades are up on MySCAD under "Transcripts"

B in Draw I
A in 3D Design
B in Comp

How did everyone else do?
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